Dennis W. Smith

Dennis W. Smith

As a general rule, my work changes frequently. I usually work within a series of pieces so as to resolve a thought or an idea, until its completion. The process is what makes art for me enjoyable.

Sometimes a series of pieces is driven by the idea, but other times the idea develops only after the work has begun and I have a moment to step back, contemplate and evaluate. In this latter approach, I allow things to just happen, permitting it to change, allowing the work to grow and morph before the idea is completely resolved and resolute.

This most recent series of shelved wall pieces comes from this latter approach. I have a general, overall thought, but I am allowing it to grow and change. The statement of this work is about memory and time, particularly how memory can change or elude us as time passes leaving only pieces, or a narrow detail of the memory, or even a distorted view.

The objects on the shelves have been perforated with an overall texture and the supporting shelves are similarly textured as well, making everything rather non-descript. Each wall piece may retain a more descriptive object, or a visually strong color that separates it from the rest of the other pieces of the memory. It is to imply that all that truly remains of that memory is that particular object and even that detail may be questionable as more time passes and that detail begins to elude us.

As this series progresses, I find myself anxious to see how the originating idea changes, or how I may choose to reinterpret the presentation of the idea as well.